About Us

About Us

The Sankat Mochan Public School was established on 5th March, 2012 with a commitment to provide best-quality educational service to the society. The school, and its management committee in particular, aims to strengthen the foundation of each student, in a way that it not only focuses on studies but also upon inculcating good manners and values. We work with students in such a manner that they develop a habit of working harder, with special attention being paid to their overall physical and psychological development, so as to prepare them for the challenges ahead of them in vocations of their choice. We initially began with Nursery to Class VII, and added classes Pre- Nursery and VIII in 2013-14.

Starting with just 300 students in its first session, we have strived to provide quality education and facilities to the students over the years. Despite numerous challenges, SMPS has maintained the standard of education being imparted and the discipline at our institution.

The school is equipped with Computer and Science laboratories and a Library for the students to practice concepts learnt in the classroom and to widen their knowledge. Further adopting newer technologies in teaching and education, we have also introduced the ’Smart Class’ teaching facility in 2012. The school lays equal emphasis on sports for the all-round development of an individual and has a playground, accessible by all students, where they can indulge in sports like basketball, badminton and cricket to attain a well-rounded personality.

The institution believes that the school and the child’s home play a very vital role in shaping them as successful yet responsible citizens of the future.


The commitment and unique approach towards education have ensured that Sankat Mochan Public School enjoys strong brand equity with consistent and top academic performance over the last 7 years. SMPS is well recognised as the focal point of learning and all-round development. Today, the institution stands for an unprecedented level of knowledge in the field of secondary and higher secondary education. In a way, SMPS has become synonymous with exemplary education that is aimed at making the students understand the importance of education that brings change in the society. In order to ensure consistent brand equity, we need to move ahead with the times and update our skills as per the modern innovations and methodologies in the field of imparting quality education.

The vision of SMPS is compiled with the efforts of honourable Managing Director Shri. R.P Goswami, IAS Commissioner (Retd.), Principal Smt. Anju Sanyal, along with the teaching and non-teaching staff. Our ultimate goal is to create world leaders who not only excel in the fields of their choice but also bring laurels to the country, hence making them the most desirable contributors to the ‘knowledge society’ the world is headed to.


Sankat Mochan Public School (SMPS) is committed towards providing best-in class facilities in terms of infrastructure, transportation and hostels for students living both within and away from their cities. In accordance with that, we provide our students with the following facilities.



  1. Well-ventilated classrooms enabling better concentration
  2. Spacious premises
  3. Equipped with Smart Classes
  4. Uninterrupted power supply


SMPS owns a fleet of 10 buses which are made available to the students and teachers to commute from various locations in the city and rural areas.


We provide exclusive uninterrupted power supply and a conducive environment for studies along with medical facilities to attend to the students’ health and well-being. Further, indoor and outdoor sports facilities are made available to them, ensuring all-round development of the students’ mind and body.